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        March 25, 2020 18:53

        WhoKnowsAbout helps large organisations to buy management consulting services, based on our detailed map of the expertise in the consulting industry. As we all move to working from home and companies wind back activities to preserve cash, we don’t think there will be much demand for our services in the next few months.

        But managers will still be encountering challenges, some familiar, some completely new, as they try to keep companies running while COVID-19 is being brought under control.

        Our proposal – why don’t we share information and help each other, at least for the next little while.

        To this end we have created a Community Forum as a place where managers can post questions or challenges and get advice from consultants and peers.

        Our contribution is:

        • Provide the forum infrastructure and be active participants (drawing on our past experience as both managers and consultants).
        • Using our industry expertise map, proactively reach out to relevant experts on posted topics and invite them to participate in the discussion (where we will give their views some prominence).
        • There is other functionality in the Forum but the core idea is to create a mechanism by which good ideas for resolving difficult managerial challenges can be shared.

        There will be no charge to use the Forum.

        We know that not all managerial issues will be suitable for discussion in a public forum. For issues that require more confidentiality we can help you create a private channel and provide some advice as to which consultants you may want to consider inviting to it. But the more of the discussions that can be on the main forum, the more others can learn from them.

        We recognise that consultants can’t just give away their services and may have intellectual property that they will want to protect. But most consulting firms spend a significant amount of time and money in article writing and other promotional efforts to reach potential clients. Our proposition is that consultants should redirect that energy to helping managers think about their real challenges and navigate through these challenging times. In doing so, consultants can build their reputation for expertise and potentially make connections with organisations who could become clients for traditional consulting services when things return to normal.

        We don’t have any marketing budget for this so the merits of the idea will need to carry it forward, or not. If you think the Forum could be helpful, please do two things:

        1. Register at the forum and become an active participant.
        2. Share this post with your colleagues and connections so they become aware of it.

        We’ll let you know in a few months how this goes.


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